Annual Reports: Don’t Jeopardize Your Business!

As a reminder, all Secretary of State offices have some form of required reporting for your business. Whether Annual or Biennial Reports, failure to file can put your business registration in jeopardy of facing administrative action. This can result in many issues for you and your business transactions. Make sure you know when your report is due and what each state requires.

The Idaho Secretary of State does offer a short grace period to file after a due date has passed before an entity faces administrative action. If submitting your report has been delayed for any reason, make sure you get it submitted quickly during this grace period.

Please note that only Idaho Domestic entities have the option to reinstate their registration number after facing administrative dissolution. If your business is registered as an Idaho Foreign entity, once your registration number has been administratively revoked, there are no options available to bring it back into good standing with the state. (Yikes!)

The Idaho Secretary of State does send out upcoming Annual Report due date notices via email. If the previously mentioned administrative action is a concern for you, make sure you contact their office and add/update your business email address.

Feel free to contact our office with any questions or concerns!