Common Filing Rejections: Wyoming

Every Secretary of State office has specific requirements for their corporate filings. Sometimes overlooking even the smallest requirement can cause a hefty delay in your documents being processed. Below are a few errors that can be easily avoided.

Original Wet Signatures: Wyoming is the one state that requires all original wet signatures on their corporate filings. It’s best to use a different color ink when signing their documents. If black ink is used, they do a thorough inspection of the signature to determine whether it is a true wet signature or if it was a photocopy signature. If you choose to use black ink, make sure that you press hard enough on the paper to leave an indentation on the back side of the form.

Foreign Good Standing Certificates: If you are registering an out of state entity in Wyoming, make sure that the Good Standing Certificate you provide has been issued within the last 60 days. This means, within the last 60 days of the date that the document is processed by Wyoming, this could be up to a week after you submit it. If you are cutting it close on that 60 day mark – you might want to get a more recent Good Standing Certificate.

Business Start Date: Some registrations will ask for the date that your entity began or will begin business in the state of Wyoming. Keep in mind – If your entity has been doing business in Wyoming without authority from the Secretary of State first, you could be facing back taxes, large penalty fees, added filing fees, and additional required documentation. Make sure you take care of all state department requirements before you begin conducting business!

Registered Agent: Wyoming requires that your registered agent be located within the state. Most registrations require the Consent to Appointment by Registered Agent form to be completed and accompany the filing. This document does require a wet signature as well, however, it has two locations for the signature. The first is the agent’s signature consenting to the appointment of RA. The second is only if they are a current registered agent changing their registered address on file. Be careful about which location you complete!

Other State Department Approval: If your entity name contains any restricted or protected words from other state departments, you will be required to obtain a Letter of Approval from that department in order to register with the Secretary of State. Some examples include: “Academy” “College” “Education” or any derivatives need approval from the Department of Education. “Bank” “Bancorp” “Trust” or any derivatives need approval from the Department of Banking. Avoid a rejection by reaching out to these departments first so that you can provide the Letter of Approval with your registration to the Secretary of State.

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