Registered Agent ServicesWhat is a Registered Agent?

A Registered Agent acts on a company’s behalf in their state of incorporation or qualification. The Registered Agent’s primary duties include:

  • Providing an office address
  • Receiving Service of Process
  • Acting as a local mailing contact with the Secretary of State and other regulatory agencies.
  • Forwarding tax notices and annual reports, when applicable.

If a company were named in a lawsuit, notice would be served upon the Registered Agent, who would immediately notify the designated company contact. This ensures that only the appropriate individual in the company is provided with the Service of Process.

Corporate laws in nearly every state require a Registered Agent and a Registered office. Most states allow an officer, director or the company itself, to act as the Registered Agent but if you do not have an office in the state, you will still need an address to use for the company’s address in that state. In addition, because of the potentially embarrassing situation of being served on the business premises in front of customers and employees or the possibility that the documents might fall into uninformed hands, most businesses choose to utilize the services of a professional Registered Agent.

What Can Synergy Corporate Services Do For You?

Synergy Corporate Services can serve as your registered agent in the state of Idaho and Wyoming. We notify the designated company contact the same day we receive the Service of Process. The Service of Process is then e-mailed to the contact and forwarded to the contact based on their preferred forwarding method.

Synergy Corporate Services forwards, via first-class mail, all tax notices, state reports, and general correspondence received on the company’s behalf.

We assist in keeping your company in good standing/existence by providing email notification of an upcoming annual report due date. If further assistance is needed, our Corporate Department can handle the document retrieval and filing of your annual report as well.

Many different names are used for Registered Agent, such as Idaho/Wyoming Registered office, Idaho/Wyoming Statutory Agent, Idaho/Wyoming Resident Agent, Idaho/Wyoming Registrant for service of process and of course Idaho/Wyoming Registered agent. Regardless of how you found us, Synergy Corporate Services is here to help.

By choosing to use Synergy Corporate Services as your registered agent in Idaho and Wyoming, you are ensured that all official state documents and service of process will be promptly forwarded to your business.

For questions regarding our Registered Agent Services and fees, contact our Corporate & Registered Agent Services Department at